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Channeled Message- Your light

One must know their true self, one must know the light within, in order to show on the outside. One will see the resonance of another light, and it will resonate with their light. This will not be a flipping of a switch or a popping of a balloon, it will more come about as if it lights. Each person as an individual light and that individual light gets bigger and bigger as every individual burns bright with their own light. then that light becomes a beacon. when they are all combined as one. For it takes time, it will get to a turning point where it happens quicker, but in the beginning it is slow. it seems slow, tho it is not, to us is not, to you it is due to the fact that you are looking for results, you are looking for a tangible result. For the result is within as well as without. Some

people will be more tangible then other more noticeable then others depending on how you live your day to day life, your views perspective you expressions all of it. When one opens their eye to what they usually would turn a blind eye to it is hard not show some signs of change. Or to see change more tangible change. Compared to those that have lived it, who have already started the ascension or transition. For everybody ascension is different no ones will look the same. Many will be similar but not the same. Individuality is something beings cling to as if it makes you unique. But with unity there is still uniqueness and individuality as no thumb print is the same neither is no light/ individual. For focus on that light or individuality for which is unity. To be part of something that with a cause, to be part of something that has purpose and makes life better for you and those who surround you. But should you focus on yourself giving yourself purpose, giving yourself permission to ignite your light to let it shine, to encourage those around you to do the same. to have unity within your individuality, it is very possible. We are here to communicate transmissions in regards to enlightenment, the enlighten ones, and all that that entails, for some will turn away and look as if they not know what you speak of, within they know it is true. But it is a choice, just as it is your choice, to embrace it or turn away from it. there is no correct answer for each individual answer is there own. one can not decided what is best for someone else beside themselves for the journey each individually different. One should embrace the other regardless of how un resonating with themselves, for you would want the same shown for you. Tho you don not resonate you should not separate from the others, for many may not be where you are but they are following. one must interpret what it is that oneself is attempting to accomplish. one must interpret the benefits of the reasons as well as the results of the purpose. We encourage you all to look around, better yet to look within and see how daily actions/life and reactions/responses to those around you truly resonate what you believe and why you believe that? Was do to social standardize/social expectations, up bring/ raising what was shown to you, or given to you or is it because you truly searched yourself and all that you stand for and it truly resonates. For it is time for you to truly reflect within. do you mirror that that is within you or do you reflect what is shown to you. We truly hope that you will take the time to go within and reflect on how you are, review your ideals and impressions, is it that you truly believe in or is it that that society has put upon you as being ok, standardize to make it seem as if you are part of something that may actually separate you from what you truly want to be part of. Now is the time to reflect and make changes as see fit or needed. to become the being that you want to become and be. Embrace that person embrace the light within. for it is contagious the light, it will light the ways for other to do the same. It will light the way for all.You must truly stop the movement, the busy, hustle and bustle and look and listen within. Feel your way around it does it feel right? Does it fee good? Does it flow to you easy or is it forced? Does it feel false? does it feel foreign or does it feel like home/comfort?

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