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The Moments of Life

There will be a time of peace. Everybody experiences it at some point.

Like tides, they go in and out, look the same but different. Where the sand is the surface is the same but underneath is every changing. These are the parts you don't see or know about.

As the earth burns, the ashes have the answers. In the sadness there is comfort in knowing what is and what isn't. Sadness has answers as long as you are searching for them. They are there.

Know what is and take comfort in that.

Know that you are energy, never ending energy. When all is done, we are all energy forever. Existing though our form may be nonexistent, our energy is everlasting.

Like nature even when a tree dies it's energy remains. It continues on.

There will be a day when ordinary life seems like an unordinary day. When clouds surround us.

Focus on all that you have.

Focus on all that you love.

Focus on the appreciation for those things.

Focus on how good those moments feel.

These are the moments that make a life.

These are the moments you see your true self.

Embrace them and they will embrace you.

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