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Perfect Imperfection

The kindness that is given to others so easily should also be given to yourself.

Forgiveness that you choose to give to others should also be given to yourself.

Remember you are a learning, living being. You make mistakes and hopefully you grow from them. Should you not grow, the mistake will resurface until you grow from it.

You must see that mistakes or troubled times are opportunities to grow. Learning to handle life and situations are also growth. Be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself. The biggest, deepest, darkest moments are when you are unable to forgive yourself.

Admit what you did wrong, own it, and then grow.

Those moments of unproud choices or decisions gone wrong should you not notice or ignore them will fester and resurface until you face it and learn from it.

The hardest thing to do is to embrace the pain, to lean into the pain and hurt. It's okay to feel bad, recognize it. For that is how you know what the good stuff is. That's how you know the value of all that you truly have and truly are.

Embrace it all for that makes a well minded being. A palace of both perfection and imperfection, and realizing it. And knowing you're doing your best regardless of the outcome.

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