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Peter & Paul

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hello, my name is Peter. I also have Paul with me. We are here to communicate inspirational blessings and thoughts to help communicate and enlighten. This is our first time here using this medium, we have used others. She has caught our interest and we decided to visit her. 

With all the dismay that beings of this planet are going through, there is much turmoil and disturbance and things that should not be. For so many of you want harmony and peace and yet you all feel that destruction, war, argumentation is the only way to receive it. Each of your individual print meaning each person has their own imprint to place upon the world. Some of those imprints go along with other imprints and some do not. When those imprints do not get along, instead of allowing people to be who they are, you feel the need to change them, show them they’re wrongs, show them their errors. For if you allow yourself to be who you are, you would understand you need to allow them to be who they are. Nature is a very resilient thing. The burning of the woods, the rainforest, it all happens for reasons, reasons you will never understand until you sit back and look at the ashes and look at the answers that are in them. There is rebirth. Take the time to look at those things that you have realized were not proper or right and find a way to make them right. Allow yourself the insight, allow yourself to make amends, with whatever it is that bothers you. 

This is Paul. Peter was speaking before but now it is Paul. Mine is more on behalf of allowing and Mother Earth. For sometimes with destruction, that is the only way for the answer to become apparent  for you are unable to see another way without that destruction. Unfortunately as the beings you are. You have to live in the destruction to see the love, to want to make the effort to change it, to want to make things better for yourself, for your own planet for where you live. Be responsible for your choices and your actions. Do not hold others accountable for your actions. Should you see someone litter, do not judge, decide, are you going to pick it up or are you going to leave it. Do not begrudge them for the choices they make, while they do influence you it does not make it right nor wrong. That is their presence, that is their journey. And it is your journey to decide do you pick it up or do you leave it? There is no right or wrong answer for each answer is different per the individual. Each answer pertains only to that individual. And as they’re learning, one day they may choose to pick it up and another day they may choose to ignore it. Those small choices have impacts like ripples in a tide pool when you throw a rock. Each choice has an impact whether you see it or not, it depends on the choice. But that's how it works. 

By nature you are not destructive beings, by nature you are loving, wholesome beings who want nothing more than peace, unity and community. But with so many different views, such a fast pace of life, it is something very hard to find or allow is a better word. Allow your time, yourself the time to sit and contemplate and think. Allow yourself the peace of stillness, allow yourself unity with yourself. For the more clarity you have on yourself, your choices, your feelings, your understanding, the less outside influences are there. You will also understand more of why other people choose what they choose because you realize they are on their journey they are in the place that they need to be for the growth that they are growing, for the growth that suits them at that point. Their growth and your growth may be different. Some may be far beyond you and some may be far below you or behind is a better word. Neither is above, neither is below, they are just different places on a map or your destination is a better word. For you have all come here with a purpose, with a reason, with a light. Things are trying and at times it is not easy. We are aware of that. But there is always hope, there is always love, and there’s always the universe supporting you, wishing you well, wanting to see you succeed. For we only want you to grow into the being

you are meant to be, you had decided to be before you came here. The being that is at your highest and best. We thank you all for your listening ears, your listening heart and your accepting soul. We wish you all very well. Thank you again for allowing, for the allowing is what lets it all happen. We say goodbye and blessings. 

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