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Shine Bright and Fly

I want you to fly (keep your feet planted) (grounded).

I allow myself permission to do whatever I choose to do.

I will support myself in the choices I make.

I will support myself by making the choices I make.

If you are ready to be on a stage in the eye, then so be it. Be the eye of it all. Take the step. Make the stance. The ego makes you hesitate. Your soul is ready to go. Your soul is ready to be working towards your dreams, towards your goal. You're ready to face all the things you couldn't face before.

Shine bright like the sun you are.

Shine hot like the stars in the sky.

For you shall be seen, you shall be heard and you will set yourself free and so many others free as well.

Do it sacred.

Do it frightened.

Do it.

You deserve to succeed!

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